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nd health of its own people but also to contribute to global public health security. With an open, transparent and responsible attitude, the Chinese government has actively stepped up international cooperation to fight the outbreak, and China's efforts have been highly affirmed and recognized by the WHO and the international community, Xi said, adding China

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    demic, making further arrangements to reduce mortality and ensure the sufficient supply of daily necessities, demandin

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    g more detailed prevention and control measures for vulnerable groups and urging strengthened international cooperatio

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    n. -- Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, a press conference was held in Beijing,

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    saying that upon the WHO's notice, COVID-19 cases had been reported in some other countries, and the epidemic is sprea

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    ding quite quickly in a few countries. China would attach equal importance to joint control measures to effectively pr

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    event imported and exported cases, and strengthen cooperation with relevant international organizations and countries

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to jointly contain the epidemic. -- The second China-EU special teleconference on COVID-19 was heldfor health experts

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